Vission and Mission

VISION : To emerge as a Frontline Professional Institution in the state by continually enhancing Quality in Technical and Management Through competent Faculty promoting Research & Development with One-to-One Focus on the Student for their over-all development supported by State-of-the-Art Infrastructure in a lush-green and congenial campus.


  • To impart education of the highest quality to the students in our institution.
  • To ensure a holistic/harmonious development of a student’s faculties during his/her four year program in Engineering and two year program of MBA.
  • To inculcated in student the quintessential qualities of leadership, honesty, loyalty, commitment and professional ethics.
  • To encourage the staff – both teaching and non-teaching to keep abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields.


The following goals are integral to the mission of the JNTU KAKINADA:

  • To continually change, innovate, and ensure the effectiveness of the academic programs in preparing students for successful careers.
  • To provide an environment conducive to learning and create a stimulating intellectual atmosphere in the campus that enable students to develop professional/employability skills in order to become industry ready.
  •  To attract highly qualified and meritorious students from diverse backgrounds, regions and cultures.
  •  To improve students’ written and verbal competencies as well as analytical and logical reasoning skills prior to graduation.
  • To provide a collegiate academic atmosphere that encourages free exchange of ideas
  •  To focus on physical education in order to improve fitness, sportsmanship, team work and leadership.
  •   To engage faculty and students in research that serves to improve the teaching and learning process.
  •   To engage in programs and activities that provide community service aligned with the institutions’ mission.
  •        To offer comprehensive programs to fully meet the educational and training needs of citizens and Industry 


  • Academic and social integrity
  • Knowledge and experience driven education
  • Celebration of wisdom and excellence to serve humanity
  • Respect of diverse opinion and approach in solving problems