Computer Science and Engineering is the branch of study that has evolved as the logical field of science and engineering to sort and facilitate the better computational skills and means for the world. It is the field of study that has connected the world together and made the world as global village through the internet and software tools that have been evolving on day to basis. Now the computational and programming skills are being customized to serve the needs of other fields of research and study worldwide. This is the field of study that has evolved as the branch of study that don’t need any introduction to the 21st century generation, as it is evident in the day to day life of every individual on this planet. So the scope of employment in the area is very high and provides the opportunities for quick enterprise and growth in public and private sectors.


  • C Programming Lab

  • Data Structures Lab

  • UNIX and Shell programming Lab

  • Object oriented programming Lab

  • Microprocessors and interfacing Lab

  • Net Working Programming Lab

  • WT Lab

  • OOAD/CN Lab

  • IT Workshop

  • DBMS Lab

  • CD/OS Lab