All classrooms are provided with LAN facility to enable the accessing of e-learning material.Each department is provided with OHPs, computers, demonstration models, LCD projector etc. to enhance the quality of teaching and communication.


The main library is situated in a separated block housing more than 54,000 volumes and contributed 12 numbers of journals maintained by two qualified librarians and necessary supporting staff for 12hrs a day for 6 days and 9 a.m to 1.00pm on Sunday. It is undergoing changes for automation. In addition, a book-bank with more than 3000 volumes is at the disposal of students for borrowing by BC, SC and ST categories. These books are procured from the funds provided by the Social Welfare Department. Over and above, each of the Engineering Departments have Departmental Libraries to reduce the burden on the Central Library and for the convenience of staff.


The Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with various instruments other than the usual glasswares & chemicals. Each working table in the laboratory is well furnished with reagent racks & well connected with water supply & Burners


The Department of Computer Science has a wide range of computing resources and laboratories available to support its educational and research missions.


Engineering Workshop is common for all the first year students so that they get well trained in some of the foundations of engineering. The practices in the engineering workshop include the civil engineering & mechanical engineering practices. The Civil engineering practice contains the carpentry and plumbing work which they saw in their day to day


Sports and Games play an important part in every student’s life.They give much of recreation and relaxation in ones hectic schedule. At our college, sports are included in the academic curriculum to encourage students in various co-curricular activities. We have annual sports meet every year and students of the college also participate actively in various other tournaments outside the college. Many of our students brought laurels in the tournaments conducted outside. The management also encourages the students by giving various prizes for the winners in the annual Sports Meet competetions.


For the security and added comfort, we provide buses for the transportation of our students. The routes and pickup points are clearly laid out, and you are requested to follow the timings set for the pickup.


The college provides hostel accommodation for nearly about 400 boys and 300 girls. Other amenities on the campus include Bank, Post-Office, dispensary, guesthouse, and play fields.A new P.G Hostel and additional accommodations for the existing ladies hostel will be the new added facilities for students in the campus. The hostels and dining areas/ food courts have been renovated in a large scale with all modern facilities.